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Business Putting Expo Challenges

An exciting program created to meet the needs of business meeting & Expo event planners looking for a fun and competitive shift from the daily grind of long business gatherings. The result is better networking, increased enjoyment of the business purpose, and much more vendor participation and interaction. 
bpec1 bpec2
(Photo: At Disney Hilton/Orlando- Business Expo client featured over 50 technology exhibitors-18 Hole Tournament w/awards ceremony.)

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Corporate FUN or Tournament Putting Challenges

An add-on to other activity areas for those mingling socially during breaks in sales meetings, or a social happy hours for memberships or associations, or as a ‘HOOK” to get the public to a grand opening or product presentation.
3 4
(Photo: At Doral Country Club-Miami/Breakout Room-Cocktail Putting (3-Hole putting course-40 people)

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Beach Golf Events

A perfect complimentary sport activity to a formal dinner on the “BEACH IN FLORIDA”, or any other beautiful water sight such as a beautiful river or pond in a special location! Can accommodate small or large groups by using various playing formats and rules if competitive play is required! Can also be used for fun and enjoyment because everyone loves Mini Golf!
5  6
(Photo: A Marriott Marco Island Hotel (Beach) w/corporate client-120 people)

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Promotional Grand Opening Events

A fantastic interactive event & competition engaging your guests with gifts and prizes donated by partner product brand companies to support your Grand Opening festivities or in this case –such as a client Christmas Party-Private Invitation Only! 
7   8
(Photo: A Retail Jewelry Store client in Jupiter, Florida featuring qualifying contests and HOLE IN ONE putt for a $5,000.00 GRAND PRIZE (5-day/4-night Sonoma Valley Vacation Trip for 2-all expenses paid) as the FINAL PUTT OF THE NIGHT. Consolation prize was a $500.00 Gift Certificate to the Jewelry Store! (150 people)

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Commercial Realty "Open House" Tournaments

A tremendous way to stage your office or warehouse “space for lease”, while entertaining your clients as they move from building to building within a corporate park. This can also be used by retail management seeking an opportunity for their retail merchants to interact with potential shoppers. (3-6-9- or all 18 Holes) Notice the clever scorecards designed by the Commercial Realtor and the map location of available space for lease and putting Hole #’s.
910 11

(Photo: Realtors putting in Building #2 on holes #3-4-5 as part of their 9-Hole Putting Challenge in St.Petersburg, Fl –(Pinebrook Business Center-Commercial Park!)

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Wedding Reception - Short or Long Course "Putt-Offs"

Bridegroom loves GOLF! A great way for families to have some sporting fun while enjoying a memorable event to celebrate the wedding! A “GROOM” Challenge-Putt-Off among friends can contribute wonderful, spirited social interaction through competition and also add to the creative photos in the wedding album memorabilia! (Photos courtesy of Meg Blaisden Photography)


(Photo: Bride getting a putting lesson from the GROOM. Friends having a “Putt-Off” contest during the reception on the 3-Hole short course. Wedding took place in Pensacola, Fl., at a local wedding venue-ballroom. 

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Charity Golf Tournament Fund Raisers

Many opportunistic ways to organize an effective charity golf tournament for local charities! Charities are looking for an alternative golf experience due to the economy, lack of sponsorship, and the very difficult take of recruiting golfers at a high price. PGS has many years of Tournament management experience to ensure that the planning and execution of your Putting Tournament will be seamless and result in a high NET revenue producing result!


(Photo: Taken at the Sebring Civic Center-Sebring, Fl. The event was a Charity Mini Golf Tournament to benefit the Children’s Museum. Title Sponsor Ala Jay Automotive paid $5,000.00 to ensure the great financial result of the event! (120 People/30 teams of 4 -$10,000.00 NET was raised!)

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PGS - Professional Putting Tour

PGS will soon launch a Professional Putting Tour in Tampa Bay with CASH PURSES, SPONSORSHIPS, and PARTNERING OPPORTUNITIES for many local establishments. The details and planning are moving along with an expected announcement expected soon! The league is expected to kick off when it reaches 300 Professional members of the Tour.


(Photos: taken by PGS at the qualifying rounds of the HARRIS CUP MINI GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS, which PGS managed in 2005)

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Social Networking/Cocktail Tournaments

PGS has created several outstanding formats and tournament options to accommodate a social club seeking to bring together members, business owners, and potential members. A ‘DRINKS ON THE MINILINKS” concept was first introduced back in 2006 and remains our most popular program option in this category! A putter in one hand and a COLD BEER in the other hand tends to make things perfect for a cheap night out with friends and business associates!


(Photos; taken are from the 1st ANNUAL “STRUTTIN ’N PUTTIN” –Nov-08, a social golf tournament held at a local business club. Over 132 people participated (33 Foursomes) on our 9-Hole course. Lots of fun, many businesses, beautiful women, food, drinks, and a nice check for $3,000.00 was presented to Habitat For Humanity!)

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High School Club/Athletic Putting Fund Raisers

PGS has just released a brand new and exciting program for High School and College Athletic teams and Booster Clubs to raise money through our unique “OWNERSHIP” program. This program allow a single Athletic Coach to own the course for the day and with the help of PGS field reps, structure programs that result in a large fund raising project raising thousands for many  programs to occur at the client facility, all in one day! 


(Photos: taken at local Tampa Bay high school fields and school facilities where students of all ages played in tournament style golf while raising money through PGS-Putt-A-Thons and other great formats. 200 + students participated at these events!)

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College Fraternity/Athletic Putting Fund Raisers

College fraternities are actively participating in many types of program options being offered through PGS. Included are Putt-A-Thons, Putt-Offs, and our 50 Ft Hole-In-One Challenges.

 2223(Photos: taken at ROLLINS COLLEGE GYM & UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA athletic field house. Hundreds of students were involved in both events!)

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Youth League Fund Raising Programs

PGS has created several new opportunities for Youth Sports leagues to partner with us! We have created one day events, monthly partnerships, and season long series challenges! Everyone enjoys the portable golf equipment and the contests as well as the significant money being raised to support leaguer operations!

24  25

(Photos: taken at Coleman Middle School Football complex in Tampa and Burns Middle School gymnasium in Tampa. The Seahawks Youth Football League raised over $10,000.00 NET on the track of the football complex as shown!)

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PUTT-A-THON Pledge Tournaments

PGS has developed a special putting program to allow for maximum efficiency in Fund Raising. Following the guidelines and the success off the RELAY FOR LIFE campaigns, PGS has positioned the game of Golf in a similar manner. The results are spectacular and the difference maker between the two programs is the Golf program allows for larger incentive and structured competition!

26  27

(Photos: taken at Plant City complex where the Fellowship Of Christian Athletes raised over $5,000.00 using the Putt-A-Thom mode. In addition the Junior Class of Plant High School also did a Putt-A-Thon event raising over $5,000.00 with only 15 students actively participating.

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Church League/Ministry Programs


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Community Service Groups Regional/Local Challenge Events

PGS is working presently on a SPEAKER ENGAGEMMENT program where we are invited as special speaker for the day while presenting partnership opportunities for the club to consider in partnership with PGS. (MORE TO COME SHORTLY!)

Expected announcement soon regarding Local, Regional, and Statewide competitions!

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