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Orlando Mini Links is here to provide portable events and sports entertainment value for the needs of Charity, Corporate, Businesses, Associations, and other groups. We will creatively utilize the Tour Links/Mini Links portable putting greens for all aspects of Tournament Golf, Promotional events, On-site Rentals, Fund Raisers, Team Building and more in the Orlando, Florida area.

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About Us

Richard Hall is the owner of Richard Hall Golf and Total Golf Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida.

- PGA member for 25 years
- PGA TOUR Instructor for 16 years

Partial PGA TOUR client list: Vijay Singh, Joey Sindelar, Sandy Lyle, Chip Beck, Brian Gay, Greg Owen, Neal Lancaster, Esteban Toledo, Jay Williamson, Ben Crenshaw, David Frost, Mike Hulbert, Ted Tryba, Mike Heinen, David Berganio, Jr., David Feherty Doug Barron, Lee Porter, Mike Springer

Partial Corporate client list: EDS, GM, Bellsouth, Microsoft, Dell, Arvin Meritor, Northrup Grumman, GE, Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, RR Donnelly, Holiday Inns Worldwide, Frosty Acres Food Company, AIG, AT&T

A Georgia native, I have resided in the southeast for most of my life. I have been a part of the dramatic growth of golf for over 25 years and have seen the industry grow and expand from the initial level of having only the private country club and the public golf course to the present state of "everything golf" which includes dozens of golf tours where men and women make their living playing a game, multi million dollar golf events played around the world, corporate events, fund raisers, team building, employee and client entertainment and rewards, family entertainment, golf leagues, women only golf networking groups, multiple PGA TOUR partners around the world, junior golf programs at virtually every facility, The First Tee Programs, and just about any venue you can think of can now involve some type of golf!

With that being said, I am proud to be a part of the new wave of golf "specialty" tournaments and promotions, Mini Links Portable Golf, anytime, anywhere golf! Originally launched in Tampa, FL, and then Boston, we have just introduced this new business in the Orlando, FL. area and are getting tremendous positive feed back and support from event planners, meeting planners, hotels, convention centers, public and private corporations, golf tournament groups, and charity and fund raising groups.

With Mini Links being the hottest new thing since sliced bread, you will see rapid growth in most of the major areas where golf is part of the lifestyle. The charitable side of golf has been pushed to the front of the limelight by the amazing numbers that the PGA TOUR contributes to help many organizations, over ONE BILLION DOLLARS now! Mini Links will help increase that charitable growth by offering indoor or outdoor, anytime and anywhere golf programs that are inexpensive, fun, challenging, and with very little valuable time consumed!

Mission Statement

As a PGA Member and PGA TOUR Instructor, I offer Custom Instruction Programs, DVD Swing Analysis Programs, and Corporate After-Hours Programs. Now I can offer the great game of golf in the form of Mini Links to that group that wants to do something very special for the fund raising programs, family entertainment, corporate entertainment and team building programs, professional tournaments, and promotional events. The key is the portability of the 18-hole course, anytime and anywhere with a customized program built around the needs of the group!

I was a little skeptical at first since I have seen many new golf "greatest inventions" over my 25 years in the golf business, but after helping at numerous events over the past couple of years with Bob and Jerilyn Gaudreau out of Tampa, I have seen and experienced the magic of Mini Links! I'm excited to be a part of the growth into the Orlando area!


"To me, Richard presents a clear, simple, effective approach to game improvements. For several years he has been a dependable set of eyes for me and I know he can take your game in the right direction."

Joey Sindelar
PGA Tour Golf Pro

"The TOUR can be a tough hard place at times. It's always uplifting to see Richard's smiling face as he helps me with the fine tuning of the game and attitude and gets me back on the right track to better playing."

Sandy Lyle
PGA Tour Golf Pro

Contact Us

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Office: 407-301-1904
E-mail: RHMiniLinks@aol.com