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Sunday, November 1, 2009
Creating new programs with new products!

Hooray business is picking up again and people are looking for fresh new ideas! We've been busy field testing new products so we can introduce new programs and we've already experienced success with our new "PUTTING GAME"! Yes I know we have many other putting games, but this one is special because it is a VIRTUAL PUTTING HOLE, which uses a sensor bar to let you know whether your putt went in the hole or how close or far it was from going in! The fun is in the many games you can play with the "PUTTING GAME".
We have used it at 3 different GALA type events where a sports theme was used to entice players to spend money on certain skill games! The play was very competitive and the ladies have shown an aggressiveness to out putt the men at these competitions! It is easy to raise money at these events with the "PUTTING GAME" and the addition of a small portable LeaderBoard screen really heats up the fire and motivation to have your name on the top 15 list! Our field testing is not yet complete, but to date the success of our new portable golf product has been nothing short of fantastic! (Great for small spaces such as EXPOS!)

Secondly, we have been experimenting with a wonderful new product called the POKER PUTT MAT! This mat was created by a school teacher who saw that the game of poker and golf really does come together nicely! By utilizing our 50 FT Putting Green and splitting the 50 FT area into 3 sections of 15 FT each, we can actually create 3 separate putting areas for large crowds to be accommodated and people love to engage this game as well. The object of the game is to putt 4 balls and keep them from rolling off the mat.if the balls stops in a square on the mat, the player is able to use that card and others to build a poker hand to compete against other players! (The poker mat has 12 squares with each square representing a number or face card, with all 4 suits present within the square! There are many variables on how to play but the easiest game is when the player competes for cards to show his hand against other players with the highest hand declared the winner! Typically we conclude the evening qualifying by inviting the winner to step up and attempt to make a 50 Ft putt for a quality prize of some type chosen by the event committee. (Examples are: Trips for 2 with airfare, or a 1 year lease on a luxury automobile!)  

Growing by creating sister companies!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
PARTNERING: How we are strategically utilizing partnering to fight through the current economy!

WOW what a great ride 2008 was for us and now that we have seen an economy take a real slide down, most people are scrambling to stay afloat! What about Portable Golf Solutions?
We have seen our share of lost business as we approach the mid point in the year, but I’m fortunate to have a sales background and an athletic playing and coaching mentality that drives me every day, so when the chips are against and we’re entering the bottom of the ninth, I want to be batting….because all it means is you have to work harder and focus on the important matters at hand! That’s exactly what we are doing as we start partnering with people and companies who may have products that are moving or ideas that we can take advantage of using in the marketplace to gain new revenue streams and ideas! My successful and long career in sales and my God given ability will always win out over competition and the economy because we’re honest and we deliver what we tell people. In the end people do business with those people who stand out and they care about!  

Let me tell you about 2 new strategic partnerships we have formed in the last 60 days that will add new value and revenue to our PGS licensing program and to our bottom line! First we have formed a fantastic new partnership program with PRO TOUR FANTASY GOLF, a software company owned by John Hohlen in St. Louis, Mo. John has been running online fantasy golf tournaments for a few years, utilizing his skills as a software designer and engineer to build a fabulous tournament program and web site. After many conversations and deliberation, we decided to form a joint business venture where PGS would control all sales activity and John would control all software decisions. We have already seen our work pay off with our 1st Charity Fantasy Golf Contest contract with a local Tampa charity that will raise over $15,000.00 needed dollars using our new service! What a great start!  

Secondly, we have formed an apparel partnership with a company based out of Pittsburgh, Pa. called CRONS (COME READY OR NEVER START). We have deliberately sought out a partner who could provide quality sport team and sport leisure apparel and we have found ourselves a great partner in CRONS. I have become an official HAED COACH of CRONS and the arrangement will allow us to realize new revenue streams, while packaging incentive apparel into our PGS contract with Schools, Corporations, and all other Groups utilizing our Putting Programs. The goal is to not only provide a great fund raising service for the schools but also help them to purchase athletic apparel through our help! Our continued management of Charity Golf Tournament and special golf programs serves as the key to creating unprecedented value you can’t get anywhere else. Our testimonials are numerous and our clients speak from the heart when they talk about our business and our delivery!

Creating new programs with new products!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy New Year!

We are already into the New Year with great sales success having landed new contracts for the Spring-09, which reflect our goals to introduce new PGS programs in Fund Raising! We have strategically considered the state of the economy in evaluating how our strengths stack up against those events that charities have staged to raise needed funds in the past. We believe we have a unique perspective and an answer for fund raising manager in this economy!

With so many Americans out of work and regular golf courses cutting staffs to reduce costs to stay afloat or claiming Chapter 11 or 13, we may be the most refreshing golf alternative for raising funds! We are an answer to the problems faced by those charged with event planning and fund raising. This group includes athletic teams at both the High School and College levels. Yes….even College Teams have to raise their own funds, especially if they don’t generate any revenue! Athletic Directors at both levels are asking their Coaches to drive events and friend raisers in order to gather financial support from Alumni players, parents of current players, family, and friends. Most have or still do conduct charity golf tournaments or weekend activities with Homecoming flair such as participant ALUMNI GAMES. However, the end result to these events is small net financial gains toward the revenue budget!

We’re proud to announce that we have signed our 1st High School Football Coach & Athletic Director to our brand new PGS-ATHLETIC TEAM Fund Raising program. In addition, we also signed the University of South Florida Women’s Soccer as our 1st College team to utilize our PGS–ATHLETIC TEAM FR plan. Both events are scheduled for the Spring-09 and promise to deliver results that will jump start our outreach to other programs around the State Of Florida! Just imagine for a second: An 18 Hole Portable Putting Course on a Football Field under the lights! (Tournament play!).

PARTNERING: How we are strategically utilizing partnering to fight through the current economy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Last year my wife and I had the pleasure of walking the "HOLEY" grounds of Augusta National, home of the MASTERS! We were awed by the splendor and beauty of the landscaping and even though we attended on a Wednesday-practice round, and host day of the PAR 3 Challenge, we felt like we had finally reached one of those goals in travel adventures.

PGS will have a strong presence at the 2009 MASTERS as a highly regarded Sport Incentive Travel Group out of Fairfax, Va. has contracted our services for their corporate client groups flying to Augusta on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night! PGS will be represented by our very own Partner & PGA Member -Richard Hall, who will host many activities which will include a swing analysis, and a personal CD which we will create and send to each player.

Talking about our CD SWING ANALYSIS program, it has been a huge success having booked over 12 tournament & corporate clients who have and are re-booked for events in 2009. With the introduction of sand, chipping, and putting analysis we now have teaching gifts for many renewable years with our unique player gift service. We hope to add another 10 new clients in 2009!

We are currently beefing up our sales on the West Coast of Florida through the hiring of PGS PARTNERS. Scott Lamirand has secured the POLK/PASCO areas, Dick Spong is managing PINELLAS County, and Patti Ogilvie, a former LPGA Member has been brought on to manage the SARASOTA marketplace. These accomplished & astute business partners promise to add to our Florida growth and bring many years of golf knowledge, sales, professional business affiliations, and a yearning to grow their own business areas through our PGS services.


Sunday- September 14, 2008
PGS (Portable Golf Solutions) is now an International Company (X2)

The PGS Golf Business Model is now in Manila, Philippines!

My wife and I may be packing our bags soon to visit new PGS Licensee.George Yang and Joyce Santiago, a husband-wife entrepreneurial/business team in Manila, Philippines. This fine couple is very excited about the PGS potential in Manila and surrounding cities in the Philippines, as life there on the island reflects new interests in entertainment options!

George had this to say about he & wife-Joyce's backgrounds:

"My wife Joyce and I run a small SMS/"texting" business here in Manila called 'Textwise' for the past 6 years. The business is based in Makati, which is the central business district of Manila. We are both golfers. I do it for fun but my wife in the past, and her sister and mom who compete regularly in local golf tournaments. We both are American citizens who grew up since grade and high school and finished college in California, but we have settled here in Manila since 1997 and have 2 boys Matthew and Adam ages 6 and 3."

Our excitement and motivation grows as we see our golf business vision take on new PGS-INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS, with daily web site HITS now coming in from all over the world! License inquiries are up every week, as well as requests for our services. We are creating new business solutions for charity and corporate services which now include a GOLF SERVICE for WEDDING RECEPTIONS/PLANNERS. (See our web site for photos!)

Alternative Golf that offers family play and various forms of formats and entertainment options is taking over our marketing success big time! We have new contracts for our Portable-Sport/Golf Video Interactive games, promotions, and tournaments!

We will talk in the next BLOG about our growth plans for the West Coast of Florida and our recent service booking with a Large Corporate Sport Incentive Group out of Fairfax, Va. for a big event we will partner with them at the MASTERS-2009!


Friday - 8/15/08
PGS (Portable Golf Solutions) is now an International Company

The PGS Golf Business Model is now in Bangalore, India!

I've always wanted to visit the Taj Mahal, the jewel of Muslim art and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritages. I just may be able to fulfill that dream now that we have a PGS Licensed partner in India.

We're pleased to announce that our 2nd PGS Licensee and our 1st INTERNATIONAL Licensed golf business ownership has been granted to Jayakrishna Surnila. Jay lives in Bangalore, India and is currently a Business Consultant traveling the world. Jay plans to bring Portable Golf to India in the next few months to take advantage of the economy changes, the rising growth of teenage disposal income, and finally the opportunities for corporate entertainment services in INDIA.

Our excitement and motivation grows as we see our golf business vision opening up before our very eyes through some wonderful licensed partners, who also see the vision that others cannot see! Alternative golf that offers family play and varios forms of formats and entertainment options is succeeding big time! We are currently experimenting with other forms of Portable Golf and recently added Portable Video Interactive games, promotions, and tournaments to our services. Using the Nintendo Wii system and the many digital projections and screens we have for our events, we are able to offer a first class event opportunity for the masses! Imagine a Wii golf tournament for 500 registered people on one day..that's our goal!

As we continue to expand, don't be surprised to see another International company join us in the next BLOG!

Send us questions by clicking on the ASK PORTBALE BOB area and we'll do our best to provide a quick reply! For now STAY PORTABLE!

PGS Adds another International Licensee!

Monday - 7/7/08


Fireworks were plenty during the 4th of July celebrations all over the country! How wonderful it is to enjoy the FREEDOMS that we enjoy in this country. We are thankful for these rights as small business owners which allow us to grow our unique brand of Portable Golf services. This is a great moment in time to celebrate as we announce that Eugene and Janice Barlow of Houston, Texas have officially become PGS licensees. The Barlow's had this to say about their PGS License purchase:

"After researching different small businesses and franchises, it became clear that the innovative concept of portable miniature golf was for us. With further research, we realized we could have the independence of our own business; while having the support of partnership with an already seasoned company. This type of opportunity ignited our desire to purchase a business license with Portable Golf Solutions (PGS). This already established company embraced our ambition with the opportunity of enormous possibilities. With the support of Portable Golf Solutions, we believe our company, Golf on the Go, can take Houston, Texas by storm. We gravitate to the concept "Business is booming and the business is portable miniature golf".

The Barlow's have just moved from Hawaii and will soon receive their shipment of equipment which will include an 18 Hole Portable Golf Course and a 50 Ft Portable Putting Green. Plans are for the Barlow's to be added to the PGS Web Site for immediate exposure and the opportunity to tell their story about past service to this country as well as the MISSION STATEMENT of GOLF ON THE GO, INC., their corporate name!

As we prepare to assist the Barlow's in setting up their golf business license in Houston, we are in the middle of a very busy month of our own service activities. Having just completed an exciting new venture with a wedding planner in Pensacola, Florida we now have a brand new Portable Golf Solution service that we can offer for those couples planning a wedding and having a GOLF NUT in the party! Call us if you have a wedding planned soon and we'll give you all the details!

PGS is an International Company: PGS in INDIA!

Sunday - 5/18/08

I'm back with great news as we have enjoyed our "BEST" 5 months since we entered the Golf Industry back in 2003. Although we have only been operating PORTABLE GOLF SOLUTIONS for 3 of those years, it is very clear that our focus on a unique branded golf business delivering FIRST CLASS GOLF EXPERIENCES like ours, can only grow and sustain us for many years! We invite you to JOIN US..HOW?

Call and ask how you can enjoy an opportunity to own your own golf business while partnering with us! We have recently added a PGS Partner in Bradenton, Florida who will canvass the Bradenton and Sarasota markets to expose the PGS services, as we grow our footprint down the West Coast of Florida. Do you know someone in Sarasota, Naples, or Ft. Myers looking for a great opportunity to own their own golf business in a creative partnership with NO MONEY DOWN? That's right we have created unbelievable access to our business model, equipment, and knowledge through a fantastic new PGS partner program in Florida only. (If you know someone interested in other parts of FLORIDA, call us NOW!)

Our plan is very simple, market the services that has been bringing in the revenue..our fast growing rental business has been a very pleasant surprise! Now that we have grown this service we have discovered new offerings such as a GOLF-BUSINESS EXPOS and COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE-OPEN HOUSE GOLF PROMOTIONS! Our plan is to market these services down the West Coast with the many Convention Beach Hotels, Commercial Real Estate companies and Corporations who plan entertainment and events for employees, vendors, and clients. We have also found a great market in the Charity areas especially with corporate partners who want to stage a Social Golf Networking event and raise some money for a local cause at the same time!

We will have a major announcement in our BLOG next month that will SHOCK the Golf Industry! STAY TUNED!

A New PGS Licensee in Houston, Texas (Expansion around the USA)

Wednesday - 12/26/07


We are very excited about the recent success and testimonials now reaching our desk from very satisfied charity golf tournament clients, golfers/players, and delighted sponsors! We introduced this new PGA-player thank you gift in April-07 and already we've had 3 tournaments partner with us by purchasing the CD for all of their players.with 3 more already sold for fall golf tournaments! In addition, the charity tournament directors took our advice on how to pay for it by showing a sponsor..in 2 of 3 tournaments the CD was not only paid with sponsor money, but it was priced so that the charity put additional NET dollars into their bottom line!

WHAT MAKES THIS PLAYER GIFT SO UNIQUE? The key to the success of our CD Swing Analysis.....it provides the most creative new player gift that actually gives back to each player through PGA Tour Instruction from a noted PGA Tour Instructor..4-5 minutes of individual analysis with full stop action, replay, and simple teaching points with side by side comparison to PGA Tour players. Some people have reported seeing a similar type program in the past on DVD, but none has seen the full capability offering we have with individual analysis, sponsor and charity branding, powerful audio sponsor reinforcement, plus an opening video presentation featuring a sponsor or charity 30-second message. All this customized to each and every tournament! The expansion of our Swing Analysis series will involve more teaching analysis such as putting, sand play, wedge play, and long irons! The gift that keeps on giving back!


We're looking to expand our reach throughout the US & Canada! Tournament Directors are invited to contact us to find out how you can make $700-$1,500.00 per tournament by introducing and selling into Tournaments (Corporate & Charity)! Call us now to find out more and we'll send you a completed Tournament CD for review...then join our partner selling team! Find a corporate sponsor in the area willing to buy a package of the 30 best tournaments in town and make $30K with our product..every year and expand with more sponsors-more tournaments!

Preparing for expansion through Florida!

Friday - November 16, 2007

I'm sorry that we've been AWOL for a brief time and boy does time fly when you're having fun! We've been busy with many revenue producing events the last 3 months including rentals for: Trade shows, parties, birthdays, product launches and promotions! Our 50 FT Portable Putting Green is picking up steam and we're creating a whole new exciting entertainment package built around the exciting capabilities. The "BIG-50 FT GREEN PACKAGE" will soon have it's own branding logo and full entertainment program! A recent event at a Cadillac Dealership in Orlando, Fl allowed us to make new contacts as we unveiled our $10,000.00 Hole In One Putting Challenge under the "BIG-50 FT GREEN PACKAGE"!

Back to our GOLF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY LICENSE: This never offered or seen opportunity, developed after spending the past 3 years of research and development costs and time, gives you a chance to join our growing family of PGS licensees and Mini Links Portable Golf Course Owners around the world! Have you ever dreamt of getting into the Golf business? Good luck to you if you're considering other options including those that command you to own a Store Front with lots of inventory and overhead! When you really look around to find Golf Businesses you can be involved in there are few that allow you and most an easy financial entry! Portable Golf Solutions was founded on the belief that most people can get together under $40,000.00 to get into a unique and growing golf business and follow our model to earn income immediately! We're not a FRANCHISE because we do not require you to pay us royalties or ongoing fees, or take on our PGS name, or follow a detailed manual! We recommend simply that you purchase the PGS Business Manual, a 9 or 18 hole Mini Links course to get you started, and then after one year you can move on without us on your own (not recommended due to our ongoing potential collaboration and continued R&D at no cost to you)! If you choose to remain a licensee of PGS, all you have to do is rent web space from us so we can include you on the site as a partner so when BOOK AN EVENT referrals come in from all over the country, especially from areas where you reside, we can provide the lead to you to close the sale and provide your services!

In actuality, most people will be lost and lose money on their own! Our ongoing mentorship program, within the ongoing licensing partnership, allows us to share the recent successes we have experienced at new client events! The money/time we spend in R&D is enormous and even though not simply a CASH OUTLAY, we figure to have spent well over $100,000.00 in time and money combined doing R&D! This benefit to you will save you time and energy to failure! Simply purchasing a Portable Putting Course and similar Portable golf products elsewhere will allow you to be the owners of a Putting Course, but not business owners. We have seen many who have had to "hold the bag" after deciding they could not make money.because they did not have a plan to make them money! Our case is strong because we are making money on a regular basis and with new creative programs being developed on a regular basis, we know it's just a matter of time before you see PGS licensees appearing all over the US!

Use our NEW ASK BOB form to send us questions!


Friday - August 17, 2007

Come on board for the ride or should I say the PUTT! Any way you look at it we now offer the most unique golf business opportunity anywhere in the world as shown by the web site hits coming in! Over the past few weeks we have had phone conversations with people in England, China, Israel, Vancouver, B.C. and not to mention areas all over the Unites States, from people wanting to know more about what we do and how they can get involved with us. We even got a phone call from a production director of a company that produces video work for MTV! Imagine that, our Portable Golf Solutions business being featured on a special show of MTV. It could still happen as we try to work out some conflicts in our schedule that may force us to miss this engagement in Burbank, California! LIVE AND ON SET-PORTABLE GOLF SOLUTIONS, a an 18 Hole Portable Golf Course and a rising star in the world of Golf, rivaling Tiger Woods in presence!

We would like to talk to you! You can join us in many different ways but the most important thing is you will have to make an investment of some type because we want you to have some skin in the game. I've found in my life that anything that you truly want involves some type of investment whether that is the purchase of a car, or a pair of sneakers, a home, or even a portable mini golf course. Knowing that you have made that investment, makes you work that harder to protect it, and if that investment will grow in equity or cause equity to grow in the business you establish, then you will work that harder to make the investment grow. That's where we are right now having protected our investment over time allowing seeds to be planted, and with the right amount of nourishment and care we now have growth, or better stated- customers,- better stated equity!

How would you like to grow some equity with us, yet separate from us by owning your own golf business opportunity? We decided not to take the Golf Franchise route because we wanted to focus on our own growth. If we would have decided to Franchise, we would have been too tied into selling Franchises and hence our growth would have been dependent on others buying a Golf Franchise from us! This would have entailed lots of money paying lawyers for expensive legal work to produce the documents necessary to meet the strict disclosure laws in force to protect Franchisees and Franchisors! Some of the biggest Franchisors in the country such as SUBWAY, it appear to spend lots of time in court, being sued by SUBWAY Franchisees who claim they were not given a fair shake by their Franchisor! More time & legal work for both sides that I don't want to pay for!!!! Hence our model is now available through a unique and affordable Golf Business Opportunity, through a license arrangement with Portable Golf Solutions!

Next Week: The Golf Business Opportunity License!

Friday - August 10, 2007
  • A Portable Golf Course that I could take "Anywhere-Anytime"!
  • Unique venues where you would never expect Golf!
  • An "On-Demand" golf philosophy and delivery.
  • The ability to serve clients anywhere.
  • Utilization of the part of golf that no one can master: PUTTING!
  • A product that would be more upscale in value and appearance to match venues!
  • The ability to utilize the greens to make money in many ways:
  • Rentals (Singles, Multiples, 9-Hole Course or full 18 Hole Course)
  • Tournament Golf
  • Retail Promotions
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Creative new putting games & programs
  • Parties, weddings, anniversaries, and other events we've not yet thought about
  • Charity Fund Raisers
As you can see, I wanted a lot! What I got was a lot! We have been very busy with all of the above and have now created a GOLF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY through a very unique licensing offer to anyone who loves golf or just wants to won a very unique business and grow along with other licensees all over the world!

PORTABLE GOLF SOLUTIONS is a must for GOLF BUSINESS OWNERS-WANT TO BE'S! We have carefully taken away all the headaches mentioned earlier with full scale Golf Course ownership and we've packaged & put it all in a "BOX"! From portable storage to portable delivery, we can have an 18 Hole Golf Course set up at your location in just 1 hour (12 volunteers/workers). We have all of the equipment you need for tournament play, unless you want to bring your own ODYSSEY-WHITE HOT XG 2 ball putter! We want people to use putting on our course as an entry point to playing the game of golf..hence our promotion of "PLAY GOLF AMERICA" on our web site. Please visit the PLAY GOLF AMERICA web site to learn more about how you can jump start your love for this game.


Friday - July 27, 2007
Where did the vision come from? I get asked this question everyday along with the OOOH's & AHHHH's on what we have now created. Actually, let me ask you... have you ever dreamt of owning your own golf course..well I did! I'm sure many of you have thought about it for a second.but let's factor in the obvious ownership nightmares that plague the Golf Industry today: over glut of supply, land-rental/ purchase, maintenance, taxes, memberships sales/green fee sales, insurance, equipment purchases, "KEY" staff acquisitions, technology infrastructure, marketing, and let's not forget a unique plan to offer the consumer something that he can differentiate from the supply within a few miles, and you have ALEVE Headache 101!

My vision was actually crafted from these factors, and because I only live life once, DEBT is not in my plans! Incidentally, having a Sports/Athletic background, both playing and coaching in high school and college led to my Sports Passion..and I've quickly learnt though maturity..life is about following your Passion if you want happiness! I was however seeking a new balance in my life after my 2nd wife and I had just completed putting 4 children through college and waived them off our payroll. She has a steady income and position as a Microsoft Certified network Specialist in the local School District (Over 30 years total in Teaching/Music/IT) and I had just been given my pink slip from a National Wireless carrier (NO PLUGS FOR THEM HERE), as one of their Major Account Sales Managers! Life was now about survival on my own! The vision was about Passion and Balance..and it was going to take a crafty and entrepreneurial "RISK" taker to make it or break it!

We started our entrepreneurial career by buying the LTS LeaderBoard Franchise in Tampa Bay back in December-2002. LTS LeaderBoard is a Golf Tournament Franchise System which offers a proprietary software featuring some of the best and most unique sponsor programs ever offered to tournament directors! When we purchased the LTS-Franchise we were just the 4th Franchisee but we focused on building charity tournament clients. After a successful run of partnering with charity clients at 100 + tournaments, and assisting in raising over $8 Million Dollars and getting to understand the Golf Tournament business we developed a game plan.own our own "UNIQUE & PORTABLE" Golf Course and better yet build a Business Plan on how to manage it effectively! The vision has become a licensing program available to anyone wanting to share our dreams everyday!

GETTING DOWN TO BASICS: My vision was centered around a MINI-GOLF/PUTTING PLAN! I wanted to do away with several key factors in the Golf Course ownership formula above so I started looking at where I could cut costs and the inevitable ALEVE headaches:
  • I did not want to buy or rent land.
  • I did not want to complete against a glut of course supply.
  • I did not want to build a golf course.
  • I did not want to hire employees.
  • I did not want to have any ongoing maintenance.
  • I did not want to charge for green fees.
  • I did not want to be stuck in one location.
(Tune in next week to see what I wanted!)

Friday - July 20, 2007
This is a HISTORIC moment for me...it is 6:00 AM and I've been awaken from a sound sleep by the urge to write this FIRST entry into a BLOG feature on our ever changing web site! Hopefully, you will read this with a new appreciation of what we are doing to revitalize the staid and sometimes stale sports industry that we call GOLF!

It is now approximately 2 ˝ years since we decided to follow a vision I had to own our own Portable Golf Course. I say we because every man deserves a great woman like mine.my lovely wife Jerilyn, who encourages me to achieve moments of satisfaction which turn into steppingstones towards building a great business model. This Portable Mini Golf business we own & manage which was coined Mini Links Tournaments & Promotions at it's birth, is now evolving into a much broader concept that will have the kind of impact I was looking to create.

The word MINI LINKS is now Trademarked by its rightful owner, Dave Barlow, President of Creative Sports Concepts, doing business as TOUR LINKS. It was Dave who inspired me through his unique design and patented work with Portable Putting Greens to suggest that we might own a Portable Golf Course and so we asked him to build us what I originally branded as our 1st 18- Hole MINI LINKS golf course. Dave got to work immediately building our course from previous designs he has sketched for future use, and within a very short time afterward on that historic December day in 2004, the 18 Hole Mini Golf course was delivered in many boxes, way too many to count, by a freight truck. I can honestly say that we both thought at the time..what have we done!!!!

Much valuable time has passed and many notes we took along the way have taken the shape of a Portable Golf Business model that we are now licensing called PORTABLE GOLF SOLUTIONS (PGS). The branding change is evident on our updated and evolving web site and through the wonderful design work of Jon Bondoc, a friend of my son Adam, both recent graduates of the University of South Florida. The re-branding effect has been amazing and our web hits are now coming frequently from all over the world, as more people find out about our GOLF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, through Press Releases we have issued as well as through the work of independent bloggers who I wish to thank publicly here! We now have partners in Boston, Orlando, and West Palm Beach- Florida, who were keen enough to grasp our VISION and then get to work to establish their own!

Now the challenge is to find more people who would like to buy into our VISION, while building their own, together, yet independently! We have built a model that is solid and ever developing through much R&D and creative thinking! We have already designed 3 - new PGS products which will contribute to our revenue stream. Our 50 FT. PORTABLE PUTTING GREEN is awesome and presents that WOW factor at events. Our CD SWING ANALYSIS is a tremendous new Golf Tournament player gift that has already received great reviews. And finally, our SOCKMONSTER CHIPPING GAME is developing into its own stand alone competition with ambitious future plans. Be portable and come back to visit us often, and don't wait too long to purchase your own GOLF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY/VISION!