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About Us

Green Links, started by Jay Surnila in 2008 is a company enriched with innovative ideas revolving around the growing entertainment segments in India.

The entertainment industry in India has been seeing an enormous growth fuelled by the transformation of saving patterns of the Indian Middle and Upper Middle class into spending patterns over the last one decade.

Jay, an MBA graduate from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India has a vast experience of over 15 years in the Indian and Global markets and has tasted the dynamics of various domains including Retail, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Manufacturing, Utilities, Entertainment, Banking, etc in the Indian and US markets. He has played various roles ranging from Sales and Marketing, Management and Business Consulting and specialized in implementing large enterprise and customer centric business solutions for medium to large organizations across the globe. His strengths include strategic business approach, perseverance to roll out creative products successfully, constant innovation and business transformation, and a huge and rich industry network.

Vinayak Rao Chintala holds a Bachelors in Commerce from Osmania University and has a PG Diploma in Foreign Trade. He has vast experience in the Import/Export Trade across various Industries and Markets including Pharmaceuticals and Bulk Drugs, Natural Stones and Granites, Alcohol and Beverages, Agriculture and Floriculture, etc across various countries, including the US and EU. Vinayak has joined Green Links in 2008 as Manager - Global Trade.

Mission Statement

Having observed and studied the entertainment avenues across the Globe, especially in the western markets, and given the rich potential in Urban India that is ever hungry for entertainment options across demographics, we have been doing a lot of research on some of the formats of the 'Golf' game across the countries. Golf has been traditionally a rich man's game and had been out of the reach of the common man's glove. Many customizations and simplifications have been happening in this game and certain formats of Golf have evolved to make it accessible, affordable and enjoyable for the majority sections of the people.

Green Links has been started to offer these entertainment options and revolutionize this concept of the game in India. With a healthy investment capital backed by a rich industry experience in its promoters, Green Links is all set to start its operations and channelize the logistics needed to import the equipment and market this concept in the country. We are poised to promote some of the formats of Golf in India and create, inculcate and revolutionize the culture of this fun and entertaining concept in India.

We look forward to the support of all our promoters, partners and clientele in our endeavor to offer a rich experience to our customers and emerge as one of the best companies in the industry.

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